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A) Chief Executive Officer -
In the age group of around 50 years, adequate knowledge and experience of working in CBS environment plus adoption of most modern banking technology.
Must be willing to stay at Ahmednagar, having minimum experience of 7 years in the same capacity / as a Deputy Chief Executive Officer, qualified as M.Com.(Minimum Higher 2nd Class) and MBA(Finance) / CAIIB / CA as professional qualification, excellent knowledge of English, reliable study of RBI guidelines, Co-operative Law, Banking Laws , good working knowledge of investment-HR and recovery and last but not the least impressive personality. Should be dynamic and lead from the front, control and motivate entire staff and have innovative ideas for the performance and growth of the bank. Though in co-operative sector the Board  fully believes in Professional Management. On your side you must be fit and proper.
B) Dy. Chief Executive Officer - Banking & Accounts
In the age group of 40 to 45 years, having minimum experience of 7 years in the field, qualified as
MCom with minimum Higher 2nd class and MBA (finance) / CAIIB / CA with a mental set up of meticulous
hard working. Fully conversant with electronic payments, centralized clearing, CTS clearing, fully conversant
with all types of returns, finalization of interim and annual final accounts, preparation of budgets, all these
functions based on fully computerized  environment, modern technology, liaisons with other bankers, NPCI,
adoption of new packages in software, knowledge of regular banking laws and rules , thorough knowledge of
up to date RBI Circulars and relevant  Master Circulars, knowledge of relevant Tax laws. Preparation of
documents for calendar of returns to Board. Last but not the least, readiness to work according to
established norms and procedures in the bank, maintenance of CRR and SLR, reconciliation issues, funds
and cash management, ALM reports, fully conversant with AML programme and reports to FIU (I).
C) Dy. Chief Executive Officer - Credit & Investment
In the age group of 45 to 50 years, having minimum experience of 7 years at the same level and in the same field, qualified as MBA/(Finance), CAIIB / CA. Must be fully conversant with RBI prescriptions, contained in RBI up to date circulars, Master Circulars, Rules and Standards established by the banks for rating and appraisal for loan applications various documents, required knowledge of various aspects of general credit policy, specific credit policies related to different types of advances and credit facilities. Fully conversant with NPA standard and management, Audit and Inspection norms with respect to asset quality, capital funds, CRAR, funds management etc.
Thorough knowledge of investment, regulations prescribed in Master Circular on investment. Master circular in SLR and CRR, investment procedure preparation and revision of investment policy, up to date knowledge and contact with various avenues of SLR, Non-SLR investment, investment in Call Money Market etc., sources of up to the minute knowledge of rates and positions of relevant markets, willingness to take calculated risks, continuous touch with developments in IT Department and Accounts & Banking Dept. Readiness to develop credit portfolios, good understanding of Asset Liability Management and preparation of ALM reports.
D) Senior Officer - Audit & Inspection
Age group around 30 to 35 years, must be a Chartered Accountant, to work as Head of the Department and in co-ordination with employees in Internal Audit, Internal Inspection and Internal Control alongwith Concurrent auditors. Must have experience of similar work of not less than 3 years. Must have knowledge and understanding of Statutory Audit norms and RBI Inspection norms. The objective is to make the accounting system error-free and full proof.
E) Senior Officer - HR
Age group around 40 to 45 years, having minimum experience of 10 years in the same field with at least five years as Head of the Department, thorough and up to date knowledge of the laws relating to employer-employee relations, right from recruitment to retirement, retrenchment etc. Experience of conducting enquiries, knowledge of laws regarding employee remuneration, incentive systems, promotion of productivity etc., must be able to advise the Top Management in respect of all matters related to human resources. Apart from laws, must be up to date with case laws, strong but pleasant personality and legal acumen, must be qualified as MPM, with LLB / LLM.
F) Law Officer cum Reader - In the grade of Sr.Officer / Jr.Officer -
Age group around 40 to 45 years, having excellent knowledge of English, must be Law Graduate, preferably LLM  with specialization in Commercial and Co-operative Law. Expected to keep up-to-date knowledge and reference in Co-op.Law, Laws regarding advances, Law of limitations, Contract Act, Companies Act, Stamp Act, Law of Registration, all Master Circulars of RBI, RBI publications and circulars on various issues, expected to prepare comprehensive reports to discuss with Expert Directors, to advise Executives on various issues , other related matters.
Ahmednagar Shahar Sahakari Bank is middle-sized bank with 17 existing branches plus four allotted
centers spread over Ahmednagar, Pune, Aurangabad and Nashik, using high technology - both are in
customer service and internal reports. All the posts are in Head Office at Ahmednagar. Salary and perks
will be paid as you deserve.
last Submission Date : 03/02/2017        .
- अधिकारी / कर्मचारी भरती -
पुणे व नाशिक शाखेकरिता -
) शाखाधिकारी () कॉम्प्युटर असिस्टंट
() कॉम्प्युटर असिस्टंट  कम कॅशिअर (४) शिपाई
last Submission Date : 05/11/2015        .
- अधिकारी / कर्मचारी भरती -
राहुरी शाखेकरिता - () शाखाधिकारी (बी) कॉम्प्युटर असिस्टंट कम कॅशिअर (सी) कॉम्प्युटर असिस्टंट (लेखनिक)

संगमनेर शाखेकरिता - () शाखाधिकारी (बी) उप शाखाधिकारी (सी) कॉम्प्युटर असिस्टंट कम कॅशिअर (सिनिअर)
डी) कॉम्प्युटर असिस्टंट (ज्युनिअर)

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last Submission Date : 19/12/2015        .